I made a new French music selection gathering some of the best current French music bands. Listening to French music can help you to understand better French-speaking. Most of the bands on this list are singing in French. Over the years it became popular to sing in English but in the last years seems that the French language is regaining some popularity amongst French singers. I selected 15 French bands for this list. Finally, you can find a video of each French band whose preview does not appear by clicking on the name.

1 – L’Impératrice 

I wrote about this French band in the article about 15 current French music artists. I would describe their style as electro-pop. The group is composed of six French artists with the singer leader, Flore Benguigui. 

2 – Terrenoire

New French band that might become big in the next years. This group is composed of two brothers from Saint-Étienne singing in French about love and society problems.

The name of the band comes from the name of one of the districts in Saint-Étienne named Terrenoire. I’ve been to one of their concerts, and they remind me of the artist Stromae because they are acting during their performance. 


French band singing in French about life with deep sadness. This Parisian French group was created in 2010 and it is composed of five members.

Those artists are definitely atypical in the French music scene. They are kind of depressed even though in live concerts they are full of energy.  

4 – The Pirouettes

The Pirouettes is a French band singing in French from Annecy founded in 2011. It is composed of Leo Bear Creek and Vickie Chérie. They meet in High School and decided to start a group.

In the beginning, the main reason for this project was to see each other since they fell in love. When they moved to Paris, the project moved to a faster pace, and they started to sing in French. They released their first single in 2012 and the second one in 2014 after releasing their first album “Carrément Carrément” in 2016. 

5 – Granville 

Granville is a French indie rock band singing in French. The goal of the project for the band is to create a French pop influence group from the 60s. Their first album “Les Voiles” in 2013, allowed them to get famous to the general public.

6 – Rendez-Vous 

New French bands that I can classify in the category of post-punk in alternative rock. They sing in English with a lot of dark energy. This group is composed of five French musicians. 

7 – Phoenix

French rock band singing in English composed of three musicians that meet in High School in Versailles. They managed to become “famous” abroad and especially in the USA. They were nominated twice at the Grammy Awards and won, in 2010, the Best Alternative Album.

They participated in many festivals around the world from Coachella (USA), Les Vieilles Charrues (FR) to Summer Sonic (JPN). They sold out the Madison Square Garden in New York. 

8 – Feu! Chatterton 

This is a French rock band founded in 2011, in Paris. They sing in French with beautiful lyrics. The name of the group is the juxtaposition of the expression Feu! (Fire meaning “Let’s go”) and Chatterton, in tribute to the poet Thomas Chatterton.

9 – Cocoon 

This is a French pop band singing in English composed of two artists, the founder Mark Daumail and Morgane Imbeaud. 

10 – La Femme 

I am a big fan of this French pop band. They released their debut album “Psycho Tropical Berlin” on 8 April 2013 and won the “Victoire de la Musique” for Best Album of a newcomer award of the year 2014. 

11 – Brigitte 

Brigitte is a duo of French singers composed of Sylvie Hoarau and Aurélie Saada. They became famous thanks to their cover of NTM’s “Ma Benz” in 2010, an iconic old-school French rap song. 

12 – Agar Agar

Agar Agar is a French electro-pop band singing in English, formed in 2015 by Clara Cappagli and Armand Bultheel and from Paris. For the specialized press, they represent the future of French electro since the single “Prettiest Virgin” was a huge success in 2016. 

13 – Pépite 

Pépite is composed of Thomas Darmond (Singer) and Edouard Perrin (Electronic guitar). Everything really started in the spring of 2015 with the song Les Bateaux.

They were already playing music together for a few years but “Pépite really came to life at that point.” said Thomas Darmond, the singer of the duo of the French pop band. 

14 – Paradis

Another great electro-pop French band. This duo is composed of Pierre Rousseau and Simon Mény. They have two different personalities, but they managed to produce great French songs thanks to their bromance.

15 – Juniore 

Juniore is a French indie pop band created in 2013 in Paris. The music group is led by the lead singer and composer Anna Jean. They became famous in 2015 with the single “Panique”. 

Bonus – The Blaze

This duo of two cousins managed to mix their electro music with well-done and visual video clips. The lyrics of the songs are in English.

I hope that you liked my selection of current French bands. Let me know if you know other French bands worth knowing. From now, you can check out my article about my lists of French singers : 

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