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Thanks to our blog you will be able to stay up to date on French culture with content about French entertainment, traveling in France, French food, and much more! Subscribe to my (amazing) newsletter and now join a community of 500 Francophiles. This blog will help you to work on your French by discovering the hidden face of true French culture.

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Learning French should not be boring! it should be interesting and fun!

Below you’ll find the best resources to help you improve your knowledge of French culture

French Culture

Bonjour, this section is for French culture connoisseurs! Buckle up for a wild ride through the fascinating world of French culture, but we’re leaving the clichés at the door. We’re turning up the volume with the upbeat rhythms of famous French songs, diving into the beauty, the binge-worthy of French cinema and series. We will unearthing also some quirky, lesser-known facts about France. Ever tried decoding the language of French rap or understanding the fun rules of pétanque? Let’s embark on this cultural escapade that’s anything but a cliché thanks to this blog section. Allez, on y va!

French Language

Salut, this section is for French language enthusiasts! Learning the French language can be sometimes (or often) challenging. Find a selection of articles that help you to have a better understanding of the French language. You will be able to learn some French expressions, French slang words, and French swear words that’ll impress the locals, or even learn the complex French numbers. We’re talking about decoding the cool lingo that French use in the streets and discovering words that don’t make it to the textbooks. 

Travel in France

Hey there, this section is for Francophile travelers! Life in France is not always the cliché that you would have imagined. From bustling city boulevards to the tranquil countryside, France is a treasure trove of delightful surprises, whether it’s an unexpected local custom, an unknown cool French event, or a hidden gem of a boulangerie tucked away in a street corner. It’s a country that also requires knowledge of how it works from a legal (as the legal drinking age in France), administrative (as the bank system in France), and logistical point of view in order to travel with peace of mind. So, let’s ditch the stereotypes and delve into the real, living, breathing French culture that’s just waiting to be explored. 

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