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Top 7 French Songs of 2022

Top 7 French Songs of 2022

Another year went through and the French music scene still managed to produce some excellent French songs. You were a hundred thousand to wait for it (just kidding), so I decided again to come up with a list of my best French songs of 2022.

This is a personal selection, feel free to share your opinion in the comment section. 

Here is the first video of French Iceberg about the best French songs of 2022:

List of the Best French songs of 2022

Let’s start this selection of the top French songs of 2022!

  1. Holidays – Pirogue

Excellent first EP from the French duo Pirogue composed of Will and Paul. Holidays as its name say will make you feel relaxed as when you are on vacation. I would describe their style as French groovy pop.

In this EP released in 2022, you will find another good French song from them with “L’Extase”. The creation of “Extase” was the reason for the birth of the French band. Let’s hope they continue their musical journey with, hopefully, a coming album.

  1. Tailler la route – Grand Corps Malade, Ben Mazué, Gaël Faye

Featuring in between three artists that I like. This project is a common album “Éphémère” with the three celebrities, with the big hit “On a pris le temps”. In “Tailler la route”, they are singing in a poetic way with an electro production about traveling. The literal translation of the title means “Cut the road”, it is French slang for “Hit the road”.

This French song is a call for escaping from your daily routine in order to find again yourself, freedom, and happiness. A special tribute to the trumpet was added at the end of the song which has a nice effect.

  1. Le Tuto – Miel De Montagne, Jacques 

I enjoy this French peaceful pop song of 2022 where the eccentric French artist, Jacques, is telling us how confused he is about success and how to deal with the fans coming in numbers to his concerts. I love the fact that Jacques stayed pretty humble by saying he had a lot of chances with his music career. The artist, Miel De Montagne, answers him that he should lay back and simply enjoy the ride.

To summarize, Jacques is asking for a tutorial, which results in the title of this single “Le Tuto”. By the way, you can find Jacques in my last selection of the best french songs of 2021. Find the video clip shot in a desert, a metaphor for his state of mind, confused in front of the immensity. 

  1. jtm de ouf – Eloi 

Self-taught producer, composer, and singer with a unique universe, Eloi is part of the new French techno-pop generation. This is a French techno love song with the robotic feminine voice of the young French artist.

In this song, she opens up about her feelings and tells us how crazy she is in love. The title is interesting for non-French speakers “jtm” is a short way to write “Je t’aime” (= I love you) and “ de ouf” is a verlan of “ de fou” (= crazy). So, the title means in English “I am crazy in love with you”. From this project, I recommend you to listen also “Soleil Mort”. 

  1. LilWitch – BabySolo33

This French song reminds me of the project ascendant vierge (which was in the ranking of the top French songs of 2020). Same same but still pretty different I have to admit. You can find a techno production with a feminine voice telling a story. The woman does not want to fall in love and is happy about it.

For your information, I hesitated to put the song “Ta Shawty” by the artists Roseboy666 & BabySolo33” instead of this one (but it was from 2021). ”Shawty” is new French slang for “girlfriend”, this is a French love song where the woman singer wants to become the “Shawty” of someone.

  1. I Made It – Myd & Picard Brothers

This is the only song in English for this ranking. Song where the French artist Myd expressed his gratitude and his happiness that he made it in the music industry. The artist is from the famous French techno label, Ed Banger, which managed to be nominated at the Victoire de la Musique (French Music Award ceremony) for Male Revelation in 2022. Also, he is touring in 2022 and 2023 thanks to his successful last album “Born a Loser” in 2021.

  1. Content – MAGENTA

MAGENTA is back in 2022 with the French single “Content” which reminds me of the song “sommeil” by Stromae in 2013. This French song of 2022 is a call for self-loving and finding our inner happiness. I highly recommend you to listen to the album “Monogramme” (2021) with the songs “Avant” or “Assez ?”.

Fun fact, this band was renamed. In fact, MAGENTA was the famous band FAUVE! Mind blow! This band had a big success in France between 2013 and 2016 with the general public. They stopped everything when they reached fame.

This is not usual at all, they did not split, and they came back with a new name, and a new style more electro-pop. And most important, they still have the same principle: stay anonymous by not showing their faces. The reason, their lyrics are quite intimate and it’s out of shyness that they do it. 

If you enjoyed reading this list of the top French songs of 2022, I invite you to read either my huge list of the best all-time French songs or the best current French bands.

Again, feel free to share your opinion in the comment section. I would be happy to answer you! Finally, you can subscribe to my Spotify playlist with the coolest French songs of the moment. You just need to follow the link below:

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