For this article, I decided to select my fifteen best French movies on Netflix. To be honest, Netflix is not the platform that offers the best in terms of French movies and I had trouble finding some good French movies. Probably Amazon Prime is better, and the best without any doubt is the French platform of Canal Plus (Not operating in the US or the UK I guess). I will try to keep this list updated since some movies can be removed from the platform. By watching those French movies you will be able to practice your French comprehension and learn some French slang. One more information, it seems that Netflix produced most of its French movies about the French ghetto. Let’s start the list of French movies on Netflix!

1 – Divines (2016)

From this list of French movies on Netflix, Divines is the movie that received the most of the awards, winning a prize at the Festival de Cannes and getting three prizes at the Césars (The French Oscar). 

Synopsis: In a ghetto where illegal activities and religions are everywhere, Dounia is thirsty for power and success. Supported by Maimouna, her best friend, she decides to follow Rebecca, a respected drug dealer.

2 – Bad Seeds / Mauvaises herbes (2018)

This French movie is on my list of the best French movies of 2018.

Synopsis: Wael, a former street child, lives in the suburbs of Paris doing small scams that he commits with Monique, a retired woman. His life takes a turn the day when a friend offers him, a small volunteer job in his center of children excluded from the school system. Wael finds himself gradually responsible for a group of six teenagers expelled for absenteeism, insolence, or carrying weapons.

3 – A Portrait of a Lady on Fire / Portrait de la jeune fille en feu (2019)

This French movie received like the movie Divines lot of awards like the Cannes Film Festival Award for Best Screenplay or the César Award for Best Cinematography. Even though the movie is occurring in the 18 century, the subject of women’s condition is actual. 

Synopsis: We are in 1770, Marianne is a painter and has to do the wedding portrait of Heloise, a young woman who has just left the convent. Heloise resists her fate as a wife by refusing to pose. Marianne will have to paint her in secret.

4 – Wandering Stars /  Les étoiles vagabondes (2019)

I cannot tell if I liked this movie, I guess I was expecting something better. French movie made by the famous French rapper Nekfeu. This movie produced by the French rapper is about the creation of his album “Les étoiles vagabondes”.

Synopsis: You will learn about how many places and how many people Nekfeu met in order to produce his album. This film shows us how the artist worked hard to produce a successful rap album.

5 – Banlieusards (2019)

A movie produced by the talented and polemical French rapper Kerry James.

Synopsis: This movie is about three brothers from a suburb of the Paris region. Soulaymaan, a student lawyer in Paris, passed his studies. Demba, the eldest, is linked with drug traffic and the street. Their little brother Noumouké, 15 years old, is still looking for his way and has to choose which of his two older brothers he wants to be like. 

6 – Bro / Mon frère (2019)

French movie on Netflix produced by Julien Abraham. 

Synopsis: Teddy, a young man who wanted to protect his brother from a violent father, is accused of his father’s murder and is sent to a closed educational center, awaiting trial for parricide. He then plunges into a brutal world where he doesn’t know the rules. He meets Enzo, a tough kid. After a period of hard confrontation, their friendship will allow them to thwart the destiny that was promised to them.

7 – I Am Not An Easy Man / Je ne suis pas un homme facile (2018)

A simple French comedy that reverses the role of women and men.

Synopsis: The story is about Damien who one day wakes up in a world where women and men have reversed their roles in society.

8 – The African Doctor / Bienvenue à Marly-Gomont (2016)

A French comedy that wants to show how racist is the French people in the countryside. I do not feel related to this vision since I am coming from the countryside. For the cultural reference, the African family is going to live in a village named Marly-Gomont, it is a reference to famous French music made by a French artist named Kamini, singing about growing up in Marly-Gomont as the only non-white family of the village. 

Synopsis: In 1975, Seyolo Zantoko, a freshly graduated doctor from Kinshasa, seized the opportunity to work as a country doctor in a small French village. He was going to encounter difficulties in being accepted by the village. 

9 – Nothing to hide / Le jeu (2018)

French comedy on Netflix about friendship with an impressive cast. This movie would be good for a Netflix and chill 🙂  

Synopsis: A group of friends challenges each other: every call, SMS, email or Facebook message must be shared. A game that quickly turns into a trap.

10 – 10 jours en or (2012)

A French movie with the famous French comedian Franck Dubosc taking a risk with a role more serious than usual. 

Synopsis: Marc Bajau travels the country for a clothing brand. He loves this life on the road, free of all constraints and made up of one-night stands. But as he starts a new promotional tour, his last conquest goes away, leaving him his son, Lucas, a six-year-old kid.

11 – I lost my body / J’ai perdu mon corps (2019)

An excellent French Animated feature film. This movie received many awards in France. 

Synopsis: In Paris, Naoufel falls in love with Gabrielle. A little further into the city, a severed hand escapes from a lab, determined to find its body. 

12 – Rock’n Roll (2017)

French movie produced by the actor Guillaume Canet about the life of Guillaume Canet. 

Synopsis: Guillaume Canet, 43 years old, is fulfilled in his life, he has everything to be happy. On a film set, a pretty 20-year-old actress will stop him by teaching him that he is not very “Rock”.

13 – Burn out (2017)

French action movie with one of the actors that I like a lot, François Civil. Acting also in the excellent French movie The Wolf’s Call. I wrote an article about this movie 😊

Synopsis: Hotheaded, addicted to thrills, Tony lives for only one thing: to become a professional Superbike rider. Until the day he discovers that the mother of his son is linked to the gypsy mob. 

14 – The Crew / Braqueurs (2017)

A French action movie starring the French rapper Kaaris.

Synopsis: Yanis, Eric, Nasser, and Frank form the most efficient team of robbers in the Paris region. Between each hit, each one manages his family life. Amine, Yanis’s little brother will make a mistake that will have big consequences.

15 – Antoine Grizemann: The making of a legend / Antoine Grizemann: Champion du monde (2019)

This a documentary about the famous French football player Antoine Grizemann that manages to become World champion in 2018. I recommend this documentary for any Football / Soccer fan!  

Synopsis: With determination, Antoine Griezmann overcame the difficulties to rise to the top and become one of the best footballers in the world.

Now it is time for you to watch some of those French movies on Netflix from this list. Let me know if you liked it or not. Feel free to leave a comment if you know other nice French movies on Netflix. I recommend you this previous article if you want to keep using Netflix 15 French series on Netflix that you might binge watch.


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