Watching videos can help you a lot in learning the French language. This can be a fun way to learn vocabulary and French slangs and you won’t have the feeling that you are learning! I made a selection of actual French youtubers talking about different topics.

Here a selection of the funniest and the most famous French youtubers in France. I tried to list all of them even I am not a big fan of all of them :p

1 – Greg Guillotin (Around 2M subscribers)
This French youtuber is the specialist of hidden cameras in France. I wrote an article about him with more details The best hidden cameras in France on Youtube

2 – Ludovik (Around 0,9M subscribers)
This French youtuber is hilarious he participated in some videos of the youtuber group named Studio Bagel. I love when he goes to interview people in the street acting super weird.

3 – Mister V (Around 5,2M subscribers)
Mister V became famous by talking about general topics about his generation. Compared to Norman he does not care about the language he will use in his videos. I also wrote an article especially about him Who is the French Youtuber Mister V?

4 – Norman fait des vidéos (Around 11,6M subscribers)
This is the youtuber for French teenagers. He is talking about general topics of the everyday life. Probably the most famous youtuber for the general public in France.

5 – Kemar (Around 1,3M subscribers)
This youtuber talk about mainstream subjects in a really funny and probably weird way. For your information, he used to be the boyfriend of the youtuber Natoo.

6 – Natoo (Around 4,9M subscribers)
She is one of the few girls famous on Youtube. She has a great sense of humor in her videos. She loves, a lot, her two dogs and she is into japanese culture.

7 – Seb la Frite (Around 4,2M subscribers)
Like the previous French youtubers, he talks about general topics. I enjoy watching his music reviews.

8 – Hugo Tout Seul (Around 2,3M subscribers)
He goes into the same category of Norman and Seb la frite. He is not really active at the moment, he does not publish that much videos.

9 – Andy (Around 3,6M subscribers)
She is talking about life, relationship and girls.

10 – Cyprien (Around 13,3M subscriber)
Beside Norman his one of the most famous French youtuber. I like his videos “Réunion”, here’s one:

11 – Le Rire Jaune (Around 5M subscribers)
He is a French youtuber with Asian origins. He talks about his studies, his family.. his life.

12 – Rémy Gaillard (Around 6,9 subscribers)
Probably the most famous French youtuber abroad. He loves to prank people in the street or getting dress as a sportsman during important French sports events. Now, he is fighting for the animal condition.

Sub section: Duo
13 – McFly & Carlito (Around 5M subscribers)
They start to become big in France only in 2017. They created original topics for their videos. I enjoy the videos where they have to call people from their contacts list or the videos where they have to guess if the guest is telling a true or a false story.

14 – Batp&Gael (Around 1,2M subscribers)
Those two French guys have a weird humor that I especially like. They started with the YouTube channel “10 minutes à perdre” and came back with a new channel “Bapt&Gael” years later.

15 – Bigorneaux & Coquillages (Around 6,6M subscribers)
This is a channel with Cyprien and Squeezie, they play video games try new objects. The name of the channel was because they lost a bet with McFly & Carlito 🙂

Sub section: Group of youtubers
16 – Studio Bagel (Around 3,3M subscribers)
This channel was bought by the French channel Canal Plus. They create higher-quality videos thanks the the French channel. In this channel there are Greg Guillotin, Ludovik or Monsieur Poulp. One great video about the Friendzone:

17 – Golden Moustache (Around 3,5M subscribers)
This channel produce really good videos. I really enjoy this video about being friends forever after relationship.This video regroup all I like humor, reflection on life and great text.

Sub section: Comedy WTF
18 – Jerome Neil (1,1M subscribers)
This French actor is crazy. He started with his YouTube channel La Ferme Jérome and since then he made some videos for the Studio Bagel or Canal Plus. He created a serie named “Les Tutos” completely WTF. There are tutorial videos to create objects in a crazy way. There is also the crazy fake TV show Balek.

19 – MrAntoineDaniel (Around 2,8M subscribers)
This youtuber is famous for his videos “What the cut” where he talks about WTF videos from around the world.

20 – Anthony Lastella (Around 0,2M subscribers)
This is a crazy French youtuber and one of the “smallest” in terms of subscribers in this list. He loves to make some parodies, he made one about ASMR videos really nuts. He made the parody in the toilettes.

Video games
Here is a list of French youtubers playing or talking about video games.

21 – Joueur Du Grenier (Around 3,3M subscribers)
This French gamer plays recent but mostly old video games. He always gets super mad at the developer and mention all the errors. He has a second gaming channel “Bazard Du Grenier” with 1,1M of subscribers, not bad!

22 – CYRILmp4 (Around 4,2M subscribers)
I could also put this French youtuber in the travel category, but, most of his videos are about video games like Fortnite or PUBG.

23 – Squeezie (Around 13,5M subscribers)
He talks about video games, life issues or random subjects.

Here is a selection of French youtubers talking about knowledge in science, psychology, history or language.

24 – ScienceEtonnante (Around 0,7M subscribers)
A really interesting French YouTube channel about science where you do not need a master degree to understand the subject. Here is a video about “How airplane flight?”

25 – DirtyBiology (Around 0,8M subscribers)
A French YouTube channel that I enjoy watching about biology. This youtuber explains in a fun way subjects that could be in the past maybe boring.

26 – Nota Bene (Around 1M subscribers)
I recommend you to check out this channel if you are a history lover. This French youtuber explain in a clear style with nice illustrations, complex wars or events that happen in the history of the world.

27 – Fabien Olicard (Around 0,3M subscribers)
This is a YouTube channel about mostly mentalism. This showman goes into the street to trick people and teach them about mentalism.

28 – Paul Taylor (Around 0,5M subscribers)
He is British but he speaks a perfect French. I wrote an article about him if you want to check it out Learning about the French culture? Watch Paul Taylor! He talks about the French culture in a funny way

Others (Actuality / Movie / Travel)
In this section I put many topics. I really enjoy watching those youtubers (I do not watch much the next one).

29 – Hugo Décrypte (Around 0,4M subscribers)
This is a perfect French YouTube channel if you are into news and politics. He sometimes makes some reportage.

30 – Bruno Maltor (Around 0,1M subscribers)
A French youtuber that travel the world and France. He is really good at editing his videos. His Instagram account worth being followed (@brunomaltor). 

(Bonus) – Tales From The Click (Around 0,4M subscribers)
Probably one of my favorite French youtubers, He makes videos about fun facts about actors specially about American actors. I always learn something new about the life of the actors in his videos. I think the way he edits his videos is original.

Do you know other famous youtubers worth being known? Let me know in the comment section 🙂 For now, you can learn some tips about learning French in my next article: How to learn French with 10 fun tips