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5 Best French Songs from 2020

5 Best French Songs from 2020

Here is a personal selection of five top French songs from 2020. I discover most of those French musicians in 2020. I decided for this list to select only French singers that are singing in French. You will like at least one French song out of this list! 

The selection is mostly from French pop musicians if you would like to discover my selection of 2020 French rap songs I invite you to read my article: 5 French Rap Songs from 2020 That You Should Know.

1 – Mon âme sera vraiment belle pour toi – Terrenoire

I went to a concert in my county around the city of Saint-Etienne where this French group also comes from. The concert was amazing, this group is composed of two brothers playing and living their songs. I love it when musicians act during their live performances like Stromae can do. Those artists are part of the new emerging French musicians on the French music scene, they might become big in the next years. They were making some jokes telling the audience that they were going to have dinner not because they preferred to eat after a concert but because it was better for the audience. If you are interested in discovering more French bands, I recommend you to read my article about it: 15 Current French Bands to Discover.

I could add from this French band from their last album “Les Forces Contraires” (2020) the great French songs “Jusqu’à mon dernier souffle”, “Margot dansait sur moi” or even “La nuit des parachutes” (2018). 

2 – Euphorie – Videoclub 

This group is composed of two very young French artists Adèle Castillon and Matthieu Reynaud, both born in 2001. They write their songs mainly about love relationships on 80’s electro notes. The reason for this subject is maybe linked to the fact that they are together. They have just released their album in 2021 “Euphoria” which includes some of their EPs. I would also recommend their French songs “Enfance 80”, “En nuit” or “Amour Plastique”. I mentioned this group in my article: 20 Modern and Classic French Love Songs.

3 – Influenceur – Ascendant Vierge 

Ascendant Vierge is a new trans-musical duo formed by lyrical goth-pop singer/songwriter Mathilde Fernandez and the DJ/ Producer Paul Seul. In astrology, virgin ascendancy is known for its prudence and its very orderly side. I discovered this band in 2019 with their rhythmic, melodic, and techno first EP “Influenceur” (Influencer). This EP took part in their new album “Vierge” released in 2020. Ironically this first project  “Influenceur” is the opposite of the definition of the astrology sign virgin ascendancy. I also like their songs “Discoteca”, “La Vie D’avance” and their EP “Faire Et Refaire”. 

4 – Quand je marche – Ben Mazué

French artist that I discovered with the French song “Quand je marche” (When I walk). This French song is part of his fourth album “Paradis” which is the album of “the maturity”. “Quand je marche” is a beautiful song about life and happiness with a powerful chorus. 

5 – L’envol – sutus

French artist that released 2020 a single “L’envol”. French songs that will give you the envy of booking a flight ticket and taking some holidays to rest. His songs are a call for dreaming where the lyrics will cause a journey of the spirit. He took his first steps in the music universe with the trumpet. Later on, he became a music producer for some artists like Tsew The Kid or Lord Esperanza. Now, he decided to release some personal projects that he considers as side projects but I see a big potential in this French artist.

(Bonus) – Surf sur le périf – Pas Sages

Pas Sages is composed of two French artists, Virgile and Pablo, that released an EP in 2020 with the song “Surf sur le périf”. It is a relaxing French song with some electro vibes. I have trouble describing their music style, the easiest way would be to describe them as French pop music but there are some electro and rap vibes in their songs. 

There’s one song I like, but it’s from 2019 or it would have been on this list:

  • Assez ? – MAGENTA

I hope you enjoy discovering those five French songs. From 2020, was there a French song that you could not stop listening to? If yes, let me know about it in the comment section 🙂 I would now recommend reading my articles about trendy French artists:

You can find those French songs on my Spotify playlist: “French Iceberg’s Playlist”


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