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5 French Rap Songs from 2019 That You Should Know

5 French Rap Songs from 2019 That You Should Know

I made a selection of five French rap songs from 2019. I try (again) to choose different styles of French rap music. Let’s start this list of the best French rap songs 2019.

1 – Gambi “Popopop”

This is the new trendy French rapper of the moment. He has crazy streaming numbers on his two singles “Popopop” and “Hé oh”.

This French rapper comes from the Parisian suburbs of Val de Fontenay and he was sushi deliverer before becoming famous with rap. Gambi is a smiling person but he is trying to act tough and violent in his video clip by using French swear words, for example. Fortunately, this is just a fictional video.

Video clip released on the 4th of October 2019

2 – Lorenzo “Nique la BAC”

This French rapper is part of the troll rap it is hard to know when he is serious about a subject. He started first to release on YouTube humoristic videos in 2016 like “La météo du sale” (= The dirty forecast) but people start to consider him as a rapper with the excellent rap song “Freestyle Du Sale” a few months later, the same year.

He released a new album “Sex and the City” in 2019 with WTF songs and “Nique la bac” is probably one of the craziest of the album. By watching the video clip you will understand his madness. In this song, he is giving his opinion about the French police and the service of the BAC (Brigade Anti Criminalité =Anti-Crime Brigade). 

Video clip released in September 2019

3 – Heuss L’Enfoiré “Khapta”

Heuss l’Enfoiré ou simply Heuss is a French rapper from the suburbs of Paris in the county of Hauts-de-Seine. His big hit is “Khapta” released in 2019. He is using a lot of Arabic words in his text because of his origins. The name of this song “Khapta” means drunk in Arab. For pre-drink with friends, this song is perfect! I wrote again about this artist in this article: 5 French Rap Songs from 2020 That You Should Know.

Video clip released the 8th of March 2019

4 – PNL “Au DD”

I invite you to read my long article about this duo of two brothers: PNL: The Worldwide French Rap from a Parisian Suburb. “Au DD” means “By retail” and this is a reference to drug dealers. They shot the video clip on the top of the Eiffel Tower, and they blow the mind of all of their fans in France. This project really became one of the most famous French songs of the year! 

Video clip released the 22nd of March 2019

5 – VALD “Journal Perso 2”

I am a big fan of this French rapper from (here again) the suburbs of Paris from the city of Aulnay-sous-Bois. We can classify this French rapper in the same category as Lorenzo, in troll rap. He came back with a new album “Ce monde est cruel” on 2019 the 11th of October 2019.

He is complaining about French society and the fact that just a few percentages of the population own most of the wealth. From the last album, my favorite song is definitely “Rappel” but there is not a video clip for the moment.

Video clip released the 27th of September

I hope you liked this article about my selection of French rap songs 2019. I invite you to read my article about the 10 Current French rappers that you should listen to now