It might sound weird but the French singers let down the French language for their songs. For the last few years, we can observe a comeback of the French language for some singers. For a very long time, French music artists had the feeling that French songs were a little bit lame. It might be explained by the has been image of the popular French songs from the 80s. I invite you to read my recent article about it: Top 10 Iconic French 80s Songs.

Now, let’s see the latest French pop musicians. I made a selection of  the top 5 trendy artists that I like :

1 – La Femme

A group that I enjoy listening to, it was founded in Biarritz in 2010.  I found on their website, their biography that I am going to quote the beginning:

“We became friends with some Californian surfers who were in Biarritz for surfing contests. We wanted to travel and play outside France so our new friends helped us make connections; we earned a little money with summer jobs and flew to California a few months later. It was crazy; we ended up doing 27 gigs in 3 months! Since hitting the West Coast, the gang’s reputation for finely tuned and taught stark anthems has spread like sea spray. No sooner than their debut album was released, it hit No.1 in the French digital charts and La Femme became the cover darlings for Magic, this summer they made crowds dance across Europe’s premier festivals.”

 Their first hits from their first album Psycho Tropical Berlin (2013) with “Sur la planche“.

I particularly enjoy listening to two other songs from this album “ Si un jour ” and ” Welcome America “. 

They released in 2016 another great album “Mystère” (to me) with the song Exorciseur”. Also, two songs that I like “Tatiana” and this one probably their biggest hit of the album “Ou va le monde”.

2 – Clara Luciani

One of the rising French artists in France. She is linked to the group La Femme. She sang on two of their songs, on the album Psycho Tropical Berlin, on the track La Femme and It’s Time to Wake Up (2023). The French singer also made a featuring on the album Cyborg of the excellent French rapper Nekfeu “Avant tu riais”.

On April 6th, 2018, Clara Luciani publishes her first album, “Sainte-Victoire”. Then, on January 11th, 2019, she was named to the “Victoires de la Musique”, in the Revelation category for her album “Sainte-Victoire”. She won the award on February 8, 2019, and she was surprised by winning this award.

 In this one, she is talking about her new image and how she lives the celebrity “coming” to her with the song “Nue” (=Naked)

Two more songs that I really enjoy listening “La Baie” (Cover in French: The Bay – Metronomy) and “La grenade”.

3 – Alice et moi

The name of the artist is Alice and me but there is only Alice. She was a student at the prestigious public university Science Po. She went through a master’s degree and after that, she made a deal with her parents: take a gap year to try out a music career. In the end, it went pretty well for her she released in 2017 her first EP Film moi. Recently, she released her second EP FrénésieJe veux sortir avec un rappeur” (2018).

“Film Moi”

4 – Pépite 

This French band is composed of two French musicians Thomas and Edouard. They met in 2009 in Brittany. They released an EP in 2016, “Les Bateaux” composed of four songs. Then, in 2017 they released a second EP named “Renaissance” with the excellent song “Renaissance” and my favorite one “Reste avec moi”:

Recently, they released 2019 their first album “Virages” with the excellent song of “Les bateaux”.

5 – The Pirouettes

French music group composed of Leo Bear Creek and Vickie Chérie. They are together since the last year of High School. They already released three albums, the last one was in 2018 “Monopolis”. Their two big hits are from the album “Carrément Carrément” in 2016. There are the songs “L’escalier” and “Jouer le jeu”:

Did you know those French artists? Do want me to publish a French playlist on Spotify? It is done! 🙂 Now, you can read my posts about :

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