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Polo and Pan: The Mystical French Duo

Polo and Pan: The Mystical French Duo

Everything You Need to Know about the Music Group Polo & Pan

Polo and Pan is a French musical duo founded in 2013. For several years, the group has been performing behind the decks of many Parisian clubs. Nevertheless, the tandem is now known for composing their own tracks. In this article, we will introduce you to the group Polo & Pan. In a few lines, we will present you with their career while evoking their biggest successes and their best-known tracks.

Polo and Pan
Polo and Pan: Alexandre Grynszpan (left) and Paul Armand-Delille (right)

Who are Polo and Pan exactly?

Polo and Pan is a musical group composed of two French artists: Paul Armand-Delille alias “Polocorp” and Alexandre Grynszpan alias “Peter Pan”.

Paul Armand-Delille is a passionate drawer who became a composer, musician, and DJ and is now the author of many remixes. For many years, he performs in the most beautiful clubs in the world like Bagatelle, Social Club, Regine’s, and Fantown. Thanks to his talent and experience, Polocorp is also solicited as a sound design manager for Louis Vuitton or Audigier. During his career, he also officiated for the group Open Space & Stars with which he was the author of the album “Pop Prophecy” which was released in 2010, an album that did not have any commercial success.

Alexandre Grynszpan also has strong experience in the field of music. Indeed, his CV and his career speak for him: the Baron in Paris, London, and New York, the beaches of the Cannes Film Festival, le Bal de la Machine … So many places and emblematic events during which Peter Pan could demonstrate his talent.

Before meeting each other, they had a solo career. Following their meeting, they will form the French group “Polo & Pan”.

Polo & Pan: The Beginnings of a Beautiful Story

Paul Armand-Delille and Alexandre Grynszpan first met around the turntables. In 2012, they met at the Baron de Paris, a very popular bar disco on the Avenue Marceau. At the time, Polo & Pan had no trouble adapting to the methods of the Baron’s main DJ who is Greg Boust.

For Paul Armand-Delille, the parties of the Baron allowed him “to move away from the electro militancy to mix the musical styles”. Thus, it is around this type of musical identity and atmosphere that the French duo Polo & Pan was formed. For the two composers’ musicians, “the idea was to make people dance, and especially to write scenarios of parties with humor and emotion”.

Thereafter, Polo and Pan began their great adventure in their studio in Asnières, freshly built by Polocorp. In their new offices, they mixed musical references and remixed hits before releasing their first EP, Rivola. This one will be quickly followed by a second EP, Dorothy.

What Kind of Music Does Polo and Pan Offer?

The style of music offered by the group Polo & Pan is not always easy to identify. Indeed, they are talented and versatile composers who can work with all possible musical categories.

Nevertheless, their mixes mainly resemble a subtle mix of electronic and world music. Indeed, they rely on South American music which is very often effective to make the crowd dance.

In several EPs and singles proposed by Polo & Pan, you can also find touches of pop and classical music. In short, the French musical duo can adapt to any atmosphere to create real hits that can be successful on stage.

Caravelle: The Only Album to Date

On May 19, 2017, Polo & Pan unveiled their first album entitled “Caravelle”. This one album has released under the labels Caroline and Hamburger Records and it was certified “Disque d’Or” (Golden disc) by the SNEP in 2019.

This album has been warmly welcomed by critics and it is notably greeted by the journalist of France Inter, Julien Baldacchino who notes “sounds of tropical percussion and the coldness of the instruments”. Maxime Abreu, the journalist of the French magazine “Inrockuptibles”, quotes: “behind the references to Ravel and Debussy, hides the perfect album for this summer, the kind to be listened to on the road of the vacations or while dreaming of being there”.  

Caravelle is an album with 12 tracks for a total of 52 minutes of listening time. During this project, Polo and Pan worked with other artists that allowed them to compose a complete and varied album such as Marguerite Bartherotte, Paulo Soledade, Fernando Lobo, Mateus Aleluia Lima, Grinaldo Salustiano Dos Santos, Victoria Lafaurie, Eblis Alvarez, Claude Debussy, and Alain Chamfort.

In addition, Caravelle also has a deluxe edition album that contains 5 additional audio tracks for a total of 74 minutes of listening. For both artists, this album aims to give hope. Rather than being inspired by unhappiness, it explores the joys of living. Indeed, Caravelle mainly refers to travel, dreams but also fantasies.

Polo and Pan: Their Main Hits

Like any musical group, Polo & Pan has hits that made them famous. Starting by recording EPs, the two composers became known through their remixes before releasing their first album.

Among the most famous french songs, we can for example mention:

In the album Caravelle, some tracks also stood out like Aqualand, Crossed Heart, or Zoom Zoom.

In addition, Polo & Pan has also had strong success across the Atlantic. Indeed, the group gave two sold-out concerts in Los Angeles in November 2019. The Americans strongly appreciated their way of mixing house music with exotic French styles. Now I can recommend you to discover another French DJ or some French musicians:

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