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Top 5 French Songs of 2023

Top 5 French Songs of 2023

Another year went through and the French music scene still managed to produce some excellent French songs. Here we go to the selection that most Francophiles were waiting for!

I decided again to come up with a list of my best French songs of 2023. As you know, this is a personal selection, I would be happy to hear your opinion and your favorite French songs in the comment section.

If you want to learn more about the French music scene and history, I recommend you to read our article about the most famous French songs of all time. This is a long list of 100 French songs selected by French Iceberg.

  1. Insomnies – Colt

Belgian electro-pop music that I really enjoyed discovering! This duo composed of Coline Debry and Antoine Jorissen is coming straight from the beautiful country of Belgium. They are both from the French-speaking part of the country, Wallonia. The band was created recently in 2018 (former name Coline & Toitoine). 

They first released “Insomnies” as an EP beginning in 2023 before releasing it in a new album in September 2023 named “Mille vies” with seven tracks. In the French songs of 2023, they are singing in a poetic way about insomnia with a lot of round singing which gives even more power to the lyrics. The night is a moment of freedom and self-control for the singer where she finds peace. She can finally blossom and express herself at that moment of the day. 

  1. HLM en papier – The Doug

“HLM en papier” is part of the EP named “Mauvais Joueur” released beginning of 2023 and composed of six tracks. The Doug is a young French singer from the central French city of Clermont-Ferrand.

Even though his stage name is in English, he sings in French in his songs. The reasons, he wants the French to listen to his songs and it is easier for him to choose the right words to express his feelings

In this French song of 2023, he recalls his childhood in a council estate, his mother, his brother, and his occupations with a soothing melody. 

  1. Le Summerlove – Miel De Montagne

EP released by the rising artist Miel De Montagne at the beginning of the summer of 2023. “Summerlove” is about love as it is mentioned in the title but also about disillusionment and frustration.

As usual, the production is groovy with some touch of synthesizer. This gives the song a relaxing tune, perfect to listen to on a sunny day!

  1. Jericho – Flavien Berger

Flavien Berger is back in 2023 with a new album “Dans cent ans” after his two previous albums released in 2018 with “Contre-Temps” and in 2015 “Léviathan” forming a trilogy. The French artist has multiple faces being a producer, writer, and singer blinding perfectly electro and psychedelia productions.

In this relaxing French song of 2023, the French artist is singing with a deep and peaceful voice about love. He is reminding himself of a love story in a nostalgic way. Sadly, he wishes to go back to this good old times with his loved one. 

  1. Slowlita – ascendant vierge

Already mentioned in the past in one of our selection (the best French songs of 2020), the French duo ascendant vierge is back with a new album in 2023 named “Une nouvelle Chance”. 

They did not change a team that is winning, with the main singer Mathilde Fernandez singing and Paul Seul at the production. They produce a dynamic electro production with a beautiful voice of Mathilde Fernandez singing about life and boredom. 

We also recommend the French songs of 2023 “Juvénile” and “Lubies” from this new album. 

Other French songs of 2023 that could make it to this list:

  • A l’américaine – Johnny Jane
  • paroxetine – Yoa
  • Laisse courir – Lou de la Falaise
  • Poutou / Bon entendeur remix – Dombrance
  • Johnny Deep – Crookers & Mr.Oizo

What was your favorite French song of 2023? Let us know in the comment section. You can discover more French songs by reading the article of last year with the selection of the best French songs of 2022.

Finally, you can subscribe to my Spotify playlist with the coolest French songs of the moment. You just need to follow the link below:

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Sunday 5th of November 2023

Thanks for the songs, added them to my playlist. I wouldn't be able to choose "a" French song of 2023 for the life of me, but the most recent discovery is Aspirations par Zaho de Sagazan, this song lives rent-free in my head. Also, I've been jamming to Paradis all year long (surtout « Garde le pour toi » et « Mirage sur le Nil »), it's a real shame they don't make music anymore.


Wednesday 15th of November 2023

Thanks for your comment! I will have a look at your songs :)