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Top 10 French Rap Songs of 2023

Top 10 French Rap Songs of 2023

Step into the rhythm and poetry of 2023 with the latest offerings from the vibrant French rap scene. This year’s releases blend infectious beats with (sometimes) thought-provoking lyricism, showcasing the evolution of the genre. Artists are pushing boundaries by fusing traditional rap elements with innovative production techniques, resulting in tracks that are both culturally resonant and sonically captivating. 

Let’s discover what the French rap scene brought us this new year. Here is a selection of ten French rap songs of 2023. This is a personal list and I am aware that I could have selected other French artists for these top French rap songs. Feel free to leave a comment on this blog post, I will be always happy to read you.

By the way, I made another music selection of the all-time best French songs.

Let’s start this list of the top French rap songs of 2023! 

  1. Être – Georgio 

The parisian rapper Georgio, produced a great album “Années Sauvages” with a lot of excellent French rap songs as “Hôtel 5 étoiles”, “Quand tout s’enflamme” (featuring PLK), “Esprit libre” or “7 fois”. In this musical project, well written, the French artist shares his desires as a new young thirtysomething, his disillusionment with love, and his fears about life in a poetic way.

  1. Bécane – Yamé

I discovered this Franco-Cameroonian artist when he appeared on the “COLORS” YouTube channel with his performance of the French rap song “Bécane”. His original flow is captivating and will take you to his universe where he loves to make geeky metaphors. For the record, he launched his career in 2020 completely self-taught.

  1. Iverson Remix – Kekra
Kekra @French Iceberg

One of my favorite French rappers is back in 2023 with a good album “Stratos”. The remix of the song “Iverson” is excellent. The mysterious French artist removed the main beat, and the violin and added piano loops to create this remix. The remix shared only the lyrics with the original one. 

  1. Autobahn – SCH
Exilexi, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Probably THE big French rap hit of 2023 produced by the artist from Marseilles. The song is on the eponymous album “Autobahn”. SCH loves to tackle the subject of organized crime in his songs, as is the case with this hit. The success undoubtedly comes from the refrain that a large number of French people know.

“La meilleure défense c’est l’attaque ou la contre-attaque (claque, claque, claque)”

“The best defense is attack or counter-attack (slap, slap, slap).”

SCH – Autobahn


As the French rapper Kekra, Houdi wants to stay anonymous by not showing his face. He went for a balaclava and ski mask while Kekra went for sunglasses and a face mask. He is also from the Parisian suburb (Seine-et-Marne, 77). His career started with a rap contest in 2021 where his friends registered him without his consent. He released in 2022, his first EP with five titles oriented in the style “ego trip”. In 2023 he released his first album “SUN7” with the successful song “SENSATION”. 

  1. midnight – Sublime, Disiz, amne

The Parisian rapper Disiz released “midnight” with a production-oriented rock made by amne. This French rap song marks the beginning of collaboration between Disiz and amne on the new label Sublime. In this song, he talks in a disillusioned way about love and his desire to run away.

  1. SUPERSONIC – Prinzly, Disiz 

Another song with Disiz in this ranking of the best French rap songs of 2023. This is a collaboration between the rapper Prinzly and Disiz on the album “PASSAGER (((8)))” of Prinzly. He belongs to the Brussels rap music scene (like number 10 in this ranking). I enjoy the electro production of this song. His singing style reminds me of that of Belgian rapper Damso.

  1. Quoi de neuf bébé – Jok’air, Damso

Jok’air released in 2023 the album “Melvin de Paris” with the song “Quoi de neuf bébé” in collaboration with the famous Belgian rapper Damso. The song has some “soft” trap production giving it a relaxing vibe. In this song, they declare their love for a woman, saying that she means the world to them. They hope she’ll accept their apology.

  1. La faille – Jul
Tigrouas135, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Marseilles artist returns with two French rap albums in 2023, including this French rap song. Jul is back this year with the musical project “La faille”, it is one of his hits of 2023. He sings about his beginnings and the dark side of success. He is disappointed by people around him who are jealous of his success. He also mentioned his sadness about the closest people he has lost over time.

  1. Si j’étais riche – Peet

Excellent album from the Belgian artist Peet. “Si j’étais riche” (=If I were rich) is not the big hit from the album “Todo Bien”. You could listen to “Ok Ok”, “Déjà fait” (featuring JeanJass), and “Smooth 2.0” (featuring Roméo Elvis). In this joyful song, the Brussels artist imagines himself rich, giving to his loved ones and sharing his wealth.

Other French rap songs of 2023 that could have been on this list:

  • Dernière ligne droite – SCH, Laylow
  • Parabellum – OI Kainry, A2h
  • Ok Ok – Peet
  • Déjà fait – Peet, JeanJass
  • Smooth 2.0 – Peet, Roméo Elvis
  • 50 euros (feat. Alpha Wann) – Niro, Alpha Wann
  • LA RUE – Damso
  • Au Bout De La Nuit – Hamza
  • 0 – A COLOR SHOW – Robin

I hope you discovered some new French rap artists or songs. Were there any missing French rap songs of 2023 that should have been in this article? Let me know in the comment section! If you want to discover more songs, you should read our last French rap song selection of 2022. Finally, you can follow my Spotify French rap playlist on this link:

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Photo Credit: Instagram @sch