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15 All-Time Best Parisian Rappers

15 All-Time Best Parisian Rappers

The Parisian music scene is rich and diverse, with a wealth of emerging rap talent. The best Parisian rappers captivated audiences with their poignant lyrics, catchy beats, and unrivaled stage presence.

Some of these talented artists stand out for their unique style and their ability to continually innovate. Although French rap began in Paris, these Parisian rappers are living proof that French rap is in full effervescence and continues to develop through promising new talent.

List of French the Best Parisian Rappers

Let’s start this selection of Parisian rappers!

  1. Kool Shen
Suprême NTM
JB Quentin, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Kool Shen, whose real name is Bruno Lopes, is a Parisian rapper, born in 1966 in Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis) of Breton (mother) and Portuguese (father) origins. He is a founding member of the French hip-hop group Suprême NTM. With a musical career spanning several decades, Kool Shen has remained relevant and influential in the French rap landscape.

Over the course of his career, Kool Shen has released two solo albums and participated in numerous collaborative projects. His distinctive voice and rap style have made him a rapper respected and admired by his peers and fans alike.

Kool Shen is also known for his social and political commitment. He frequently addresses issues of inequality and justice in his music, helping to raise awareness and bring about change in society.

“Un ange dans le ciel” is a magnificent tribute to his lover, Lady V, a dancer with the Suprême NTM group who died in a car accident in 2000.

Spotify link : Un ange dans le ciel – Suprême NTM

  1. JoeyStarr

JoeyStarr, real name Didier Morville, is a Parisian rapper born in 1967 in Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis) of Martinican (father) and Chinese (mother) descent. He began his career with the group NTM alongside Kool Shen. Together, they left their mark on French rap history with such famous French tracks as “Le monde de demain” and “Ma Benz”.

In addition to his career with NTM, JoeyStarr has also launched a solo career. His first solo album, “Gare au Jaguarr”, was released in 2006 to moderate success. However, he continued to collaborate with other artists and perform live on stage. JoeyStarr has established himself as a key figure in Parisian rap thanks to his unique style, striking stage performances, and husky voice.

He also launched his B.O.S.S. (Boss Of Scandalz Strategyz) label in 1998, as well as his Com8 clothing label.

The track that made the biggest impression on us after “Ma Benz” was his “Jour de sortie” on the 2011 album Armageddon. He collaborated with well-known French DJ Cut Killer and DJ Kimfu.

Spotify link: Jour de sortie – JoeyStarr

  1. Rim’K

Rim’K, whose real name is Abdelkrim Brahmi, was born in Paris in 1978. He is a French-Algerian rapper from Vitry-sur-Seine (Val-de-Marne). He is considered one of Paris’s finest rappers. A founding member of the rap group 113, he also has a rich and successful solo career.

With his unique style and recognizable voice, Rim’K captivates audiences with his committed lyrics, often touching on themes related to everyday life, politics, and society. His musical influences range from French rap to North African sonorities.

Over the course of his career, Rim’K has collaborated with numerous artists including Booba, Soprano, and Rohff. He has also won several awards in the music industry, including two Victoires de la Musique in the “Best Rap Album” and “Revelation of the Year” categories with the album “Les Princes de la ville” by group 113 in 1998.

Spotify link: Jackpotes 2000 – 113

  1. Booba
Thesupermat, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Booba, whose real name is Élie Yaffa, is a Parisian rapper born in 1976 in Sèvres (Haut-de-Seine). He is known for his unique style and his striking presence on the French rap scene. He began his career with the group Lunatic, with the artist Ali, before going solo.

His first album, “Temps mort” in 2002, was a great success and marked the start of an outstanding career. He followed this up with albums such as “Panthéon” (2004) and “Ouest Side” (2006), both of which were very well-received by critics and fans alike.

Booba has also released other notable albums such as “Nero Nemesis” (2015) and “Trône” (2017), which have helped cement his reputation as a talented and influential rapper in the industry.

His shocking lyrics, catchy productions, and inimitable flow have made him one of the best Parisian rappers and a respected artist on the French rap scene.

His greatest hits include “Garde la pêche”, “Jour de paye”, “Tombé pour elle” and “Validé”, but our favorite is “N°10”.

Spotify link: N°10 – Booba

  1. Oxmo Puccino
Oxmo Puccino
Nicolas Esposito from France, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Oxmo Puccino is a French-Malian rapper from Paris born in 1974. He began his career with the Time Bomb collective in the 90s. His first solo album, “Opéra Puccino” in 1998, won critical acclaim and paved the way for a long and rich career.

Over the years, Oxmo Puccino has collaborated with artists such as Orelsan, Booba, and IAM. He is also renowned for his ability to tackle deep, sensitive subjects such as love, family, and society, always with great maturity and certain poetry.

His musical style is characterized by a deep, calm voice and often jazzy, soulful instrumentals. His landmark albums include “L’arme de paix” (2009), “Roi sans carrosse” (2012), and “Le cactus de Sibérie” (2018). To this day, Oxmo Puccino remains a key figure on the Parisian and French rap scene. He wrote also beautiful French songs about Paris to declare his love for the French capital.

Spotify link: Toucher l’horizon – Oxmo Puccino

  1. Sefyu

Born in Paris in 1981, Sefyu is a rapper of Senegalese origin who has made his mark on the French hip-hop scene with his unique style and talent. With several albums to his credit, he is one of the capital’s most respected artists.

Her lyrics are often engaged, tackling social issues such as precariousness and injustice. His deep, powerful voice gives him a strong musical identity. Sefyu also stands out for his mysterious approach, cultivating a certain anonymity in his early days by hiding his face, as on the cover of his album “Suis-Je Le Gardien de Mon Frere?” (2008).

Many rap fans appreciate the richness of his lyrics and the energy he radiates, through key tracks such as “La vie qui va avec”, “Molotov 4” and “Mon Public”. Sefyu is one of the faces of Parisian rap.

Spotify link: Molotov 4 – Sefyu

  1. Alkpote

Alkpote, whose real name is Atef Kahlaoui, is a Parisian rapper of Tunisian origin who grew up in Évry (Essonne). He was born on February 3, 1981, in Paris, and began his career with the group Unité 2 Feu in 2003, releasing an album with the group in 2006.

Early in his career, he earned the nickname “L’empereur” (The Emperor). His deep voice and punchy flow quickly made Alkpote a key figure on the Parisian rap scene. His lyrics are raw and provocative full of French insults, often dealing with dark and controversial subjects.

Over the years, Alkpote has maintained his hardcore rap style with the release of numerous solo albums and EPs, including “Les marches de l’empereur” (2017) and “Monument” (2019). He has collaborated with renowned artists throughout his career, including Sefyu, Seth Gueko, and Vald. He also enjoys releasing mixtapes, with “La Crème d’Île de France” in 2010 and “L’Empereur Contre-Attaque” in 2012. He will continue to release a few in the future, including “L’Orgasmixtape” in 2014.

Always evolving, Alkpote continues to impress with his ability to reinvent himself, confirming his place as one of Paris’ finest rappers.

Spotify link: Nautilus (feat.Kaaris) – Alkpote

  1. Seth Gueko

Parisian rapper, born in 1980 in Pontoise (Val-d’Oise) of Russian (mother) and Italian (father) descent. Seth Gueko, whose real name is Nicolas Salvadori, is a French rapper. Known for his unique style and provocative lyrics, he quickly made a name for himself on the Parisian rap scene. Growing up next to gypsy camps, he became fascinated by the culture and its vocabulary. This influence is reflected in his lyrics.

Since his debut, Seth Gueko has released a number of remarkable tracks and albums, including “Patate de forain” (2005) and the album “Bad Cowboy” (2013). He also collaborates with other Parisian rappers, such as Booba, Niska, and Sefyu, creating tracks that blend a variety of influences.

His energetic flow, the influence of gypsy culture and hard-hitting punchlines make Seth Gueko a key player on the Parisian rap scene.

Spotify link: Patate de forain – Seth Gueko, Sefyu

  1. Hugo TSR

Hugo TSR was born in Paris in 1985 of Alsatian and Japanese descent. He is a talented Parisian rapper, known for his committed lyrics, conscious rap, and ability to tackle subjects such as politics.

Over the course of his career, he has made a name for himself with his sincere, hard-hitting rap, without falling into the usual clichés. Many of his tracks deal with social and political issues, making him an important voice on the Parisian rap scene.

He has released several albums, but those that have made the biggest impact are undoubtedly “Fenêtre sur Rue” (2012), “Tant qu’on est là” (2017), and “Une vie et quelques” (2021).

Hugo TSR draws his inspiration from everyday life and uses his creativity to convey strong messages. He has succeeded in captivating a wide audience while remaining true to the essence of political rap, which is to convey relevant ideas and reflections on the issues that drive our society.

Spotify link: Là-haut – Hugo TSR

  1. Nekfeu
François Guillot, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Nekfeu, real name Ken Samaras, is a Parisian rapper born in 1990 in La Trinité, near Nice, of Scottish (mother) and Greek (father) descent. He moved to Paris in his teens. Fun fact: in high school, he met other future Parisian rappers such as Sneazzy, Alpha Wann, and Lomepal.

He is renowned for his unique style and his many memorable tracks. He began his career in 2007 with several groups, including S-Crew, 1995, and L’Entourage. Much of his early career was spent playing rap contenders on the Paris underground scene. In 2011, he released the highly successful EP “La Source” with the 1995 collective, followed by the album “Sein Zoo” in 2014.

He decided to embark on a solo career with arguably one of the best rap albums of the decade with “Feu” in 2015. It features many big tracks such as “Égérie”, “On Verra” and “Ma dope”. He followed this up with another album, “Les étoiles vagabondes: expansion” (2019), which was acclaimed by the press and the public alike. We particularly like the tracks “Ecrire”, “Ken Kaneki” and “Oui et non”.

As a solo rapper, Nekfeu has made a name for himself on the French hip-hop scene. His talents as a lyricist and his strong humanist values have made him a key artist on the Paris rap scene.

Spotify link: Ma dope – Nekfeu, S.Pri Noir

  1. Alpha Wann

Alpha Wann, whose real name is Alpha Oumar Wann, was born in 1989 in Paris, of Guinean origin. He is a talented rapper on the Parisian scene. He has gained considerable notoriety thanks to his impressive rap technique, which he developed during rap contests and his introspective lyrics.

He began his career in the 2010s with rapper Nekfeu. In 2014, he launched his solo career with his debut album “Alph Lauren”.

Among her most memorable works is her 2018 album “UNE MAIN LAVE L’AUTRE” (UMLA), which won over a wide audience. Fans appreciate her ability to play with words, demonstrating fine, poetic writing.

Through his discography and his presence on the French rap scene, Alpha Wann has left his mark on the world of Parisian rappers, while remaining true to his roots.

Spotify link: CASCADE – Remix – Alpha Wann

  1. Vald
Instagram @valdsullyvan

Vald, whose real name is Valentin Le Du, is a Parisian rapper born in 1992 in Aulnay-sous-Bois (Seine-Saint-Denis). He is known for his hard-hitting lyrics and unique style. His writing, incisive punchlines and cinematic YouTube clips set him apart from other French rappers.

He made a name for himself notably with his second project with the album “NQNT 2” in 2015. It includes the half-humorous, half-serious track “Bonjour” and the title track “Selfie”.

Among his projects, his albums “Agartha” (2017) and “XEU” (2018) “V” (2022) have met with resounding success. In fact, his track “Papoose” is in our selection of the best French rap songs of 2022.

The song “Désaccordé” is one of the highlights, demonstrating his talent as a lyricist and performer. The track was the most listened-to song of 2018 in France. Collaborating with artists such as Damso, Orelsan, and Sofiane. Vald continues to impress his fans with a rich and diverse discography.

In short, Vald has established himself as one of Paris’ finest rappers, offering innovative music and constantly challenging the boundaries of French rap. The track “Eurotrap” (2017), for example, blends several musical styles.

Spotify link: Vitrine – Vald, Damso

  1. Lomepal
Thesupermat, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Antoine Valentinelli, known as Lomepal, was born in Paris in 1991. He has made a name for himself with his unique style and touching lyrics.

His career began in 2011, and we remember discovering him on a feat with Nekfeu that breathes the 90s, with a hip-hop production in 2012 on the track “A la trappe”.

He emerged on the French rap scene with the French love song “Yeux disent” in 2017. He followed this up with the album “FLIP” the same year, which was a huge success in France. The album’s name is a reference to his second passion, skateboarding. Following this project, he went from strength to strength.

He followed this up with the album “Jeannie” in 2019, featuring numerous featurings with JeanJass, Roméo Elvis, Orelsan, and the unlikely French singer Philippe Katerine. His next albums will also be well received by the public, with “Amina” (2019) and “Mauvais Ordre” (2022).

Lomepal has become a fixture on the Parisian rap scene, built on the values of mutual aid and sharing. His work reflects the self-confidence and authenticity that characterize the best Parisian rappers.

Spotify link: Yeux disent – Lomepal

  1. Georgio

Georgio, whose real name is Georges Édouard Nicolo, was born in 1993 in Les Lilas (Seine-Saint-Denis) and is of Guadeloupean origin. He is a talented Parisian rapper who began his career in 2010 and quickly gained popularity thanks to his unique style and poetic lyrics.

After making a name for himself on the internet, he decided to release the album “Bleu noir” in 2015. Since then, he has released several albums, including “Ciel enflammé – Sacré” in 2021 and “Années Sauvages” in 2023. His most famous songs include “Héra”, “Quand tout s’enflamme”, “Concept flou” and “Célébrer”.

His musical influences are varied and include artists such as Booba, Oxmo Puccino, and Nekfeu. Georgio also possesses a keen sense of musicality and rhythm, which sets him apart from his peers. This Parisian rapper continues to shine in the music industry and is undoubtedly one of the best representatives of French rap today.

Spotify link: Concept flou – Georgio, Coeur De Pirate

  1. Kekra
Kekra @French Iceberg

Kekra is a French rapper who has made his mark on the music scene with his unique, innovative style. Hailing from Courbevoie, this mysterious artist never reveals his face, which adds to his charisma and enigmatic aura. We don’t know his real name or his date of birth, the mystery is complete.

His music is characterized by hard-hitting flows, incisive lyrics, and catchy beats, creating a captivating sonic universe. The Parisian rapper is also a huge fan of Japanese culture, which is reflected in many of his videos, including “Tout Seul” (2017).

Kekra is renowned for his ability to explore different sounds and push the boundaries of traditional rap, incorporating diverse influences such as trap, cloud rap, and afrobeat. All his albums are extremely different, ranging from “Vréel 2” (2017), Land (2018) to “Kekra” (2021).

With his many hits and his presence on the French rap scene, Kekra is undeniably a talented, unmissable, and original artist.

Spotify link: Tout seul – Kekra

In conclusion, Parisian French rappers have undeniably had a significant impact on the French and global hip-hop scene. Paris, as a cultural capital, has provided fertile ground for these rappers to flourish, offering a diverse backdrop of urban experiences and societal issues from which they can draw inspiration.

Through their music, they have not only expressed their personal stories and struggles but also highlighted broader social, political, and cultural themes. French rappers from Paris have become influential voices on the French music scene.