France doesn’t have anything to envy to the rest of the world in terms of small innovating companies created every day. I decided to write about 5 interesting French alimentary oriented start-ups. Some of them might be useful for your next trip to France.

Agricool, 100% ecological, 100% urban

When they arrived in Paris for their studies, Guillaume and Gonzague found out that fruits and vegetables don’t taste the same in the city compared to the countryside. This is why they founded Agricool in 2015 and started producing ethical food in an urban environment: they convert maritime containers into cooltainers settled in the midst of cities. They grow seasoning and strawberries seedlings with 0 pesticides, 90% less water, and 100% renewable energy. Then, they commercialize their harvest in supermarkets nearby: you can buy these products there or have them delivered.

Agricool objective is to invite urban dwellers to consume quality and tasty products while keeping their ecological impact low: ‘Without necessarily buying, changing the law, reinvent the whole supply chain, talking about the company is helping us. Either physically or on social media, by posting photos and advice with the hashtag #mieuxmangerenville (eat better in cities)

Agricool fruits and seasoning herbs here

TooGoodToGo, the anti-waste solution in town

1/3 of the produced food is wasted. This is when facing the fact that Lucie Basch developed this service in 2015, allowing each urban dweller to have a positive impact on the issue.

The small shopkeepers sell their unsold products with a discount, in surprise baskets. The user’s reserve and collect them at the end of the day. Several types of shops take part in it: bakeries, restaurants, hostels, supermarkets. As a consumer, you can’t choose what is inside your box, you play the lottery every time. A solution for sparing money on food when going to France.

TooGoodToGo actions here

Anti-waste solution

TastyCloud, digitalized restaurant menus

Geoffrey Cuberos notices that tourists often restrain themselves when choosing their meal, because they don’t understand the menu. In 2018 he decides to start a service that digitalizes the menu on a tactile tablet.

After defining the needs of the restaurant, a professional photographer captures the dishes. Once the numeric version is ready, the client and the waiter can manipulate these new menus: one can see the products and read its description, the other can take the order.

TastyCloud offers additional services, such as the QR Code menu, the outdoor menu holder, and the click & collect option. A great way to check menus without moving!

Tastycloud digital solutions here

Jow, from the supermarket to your plate in a wink

When he became a father, Jacques-Édouard faced a new issue: preparing simple and diversified recipes for his kids, and be more organized when shopping. This is how he created Jow, which met a clear success by allowing the users to spend less time in shops and more time around the table. After installing the app, you’ll have to enter your cooking utensil, and precise whether you suffer from an allergy or are on a specific diet (halal, vegan …). You can then scroll in a whole lot of affordable and simple recipes, from Beef Kefta to Dahl Curry, to the Tarte Tatin. Once you selected a dish, the ingredients are automatically added to the cart (you can add additional items if you want). Then, choose whether you prefer being delivered or retrieve your order at the drive.

A design and pleasant solution that inspires you for cooking new dishes, and having all the ingredients delivered.

The numerous recipes of Jow

Toporder, speed up the growth of small shops from the POS

Bakeries (as well as other artisans) are struggling to keep up the pace during festive periods. When he heard that, the founder got an idea: the point of sale shall become the center of the small shop. The first challenge is to optimize everyday selling tasks in order to gain time. But what makes this object different is the creation of a connected ecosystem dedicated to the catering profession: send the orders to the laboratory*, have real-time stock control, manage order lists, communicate with the customers, produce precise selling data. Everything from the POS.

By 2021, the young company is willing to develop a new system of Click & Collect, named SmartCollect, offering a new sales channel connected to the machine.

An optimized and innovative way of controlling a bakery, a butchery or a catering service.

*The space dedicated to the conception of the products in the catering profession.

Toporder POS here

POS Ecosystem