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Top 5 French Movies Produced in 2018

Top 5 French Movies Produced in 2018

Here is a selection of my Top 5 French movies in 2018. French movies are a great way to work on your French comprehension and learn new vocabulary. There is only two French comedy movie. The four left are about serious life issues.

1 – By the Grace of God / Grâce à Dieux

Movie-inspired by real events that occur in Lyon.

Synopsis: Alexandre lives in Lyon with his wife and children. One day, he discovered by chance that the priest who abused him at the scouts always officiates with children. He then embarked on a fight, quickly joined by François and Emmanuel, also victims of the priest, to “release their word” on what they suffered.

2 – Through the fire / Sauver ou périr

French movie about a firefighter played by the really talented Pierre Niney.

Synopsis: Franck is a firefighter from Paris, he saves people. He lives in the barracks with his wife who gives birth to twins. During an intervention on a fire, he sacrifices himself to save his men. When he wakes up in a treatment center, he realizes that his face has melted in the flames. He will have to relearn how to live and accept to be saved in his turn.

3 – Rolling to you / Tout le monde debout

A French comedy movie with the French actor Franck Dubosc.

Synopsis: Jocelyn, a successful businessman, is flirty and a liar. Tired of being himself, he ends up seducing a young and pretty woman pretending to be a handicapped person. Until the day she introduces to him her disabled sister.

4 – Little tickles / Chatouilles

Another French movie about child abuse.

Synopsis: Odette is eight, and she likes to dance and draw. Why would she be wary of a friend of her parents who offers to “play tickling”? Adult, Odette dances her anger, and releases her word.

5 – Custody / Jusqu’à la garde

A French movie about family divorce and how the kids are in a tricky situation.

Synopsis: The couple Besson divorce. To protect her son from a father whom she accuses of violence, Miriam demands sole custody. The judge in charge of the case grants shared custody to the father whom she considers to be flouted. Held hostage by his parents, Julien will do everything to prevent the worst to happen.

(Bonus) – Bad Seeds / Mauvaises Herbes

A wonderful movie about life with Kheiron, Catherine Deneuve, and André Dussollier.

Synopsis: Wael, a former street child, lives in the suburbs of Paris with small scams that he commits with Monique, a retired woman. His life takes a turn the day when a friend of the latter, Victor, offers him, at the insistence of Monique, a small volunteer job in his center of children excluded from the school system. Wael finds himself gradually responsible for a group of six teenagers expelled for absenteeism, insolence, or carrying weapons.

I hope you liked this selection of French movies in 2018. I invite you to read the article: The 12 Best French Movies for Cinema Lovers. Do you know other great French movies in 2018? Let me know in the comment section 🙂

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