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Top 10 French Comedy Movies for a Good Laugh

Top 10 French Comedy Movies for a Good Laugh

I made a list of several French movies in the comedy category. Those movies are kind of feel-good and you might be smiling at the end of those French comedy movies.

I went from the oldest to the newest movie. Except for the first one, I added the trailer with English subtitles for all the French movies on the list.

Here is the list of the best French comedies. Finally, you can find the trailer of each movie.

List of Popular French Comedy Movies

Let’s start this selection of the best French comedy movies!

  1. You shouldn’t worry! (1997)

French name: La vérité si je mens

The first French comedy movie of the Trilogy “La vérité si je mens”, the movie takes place in Paris in the Jewish community. Here is a famous scene in the second movie (in French).

The synopsis: Edouard Vuibert played by Richard Anconina got financial difficulties. Victor Benzakem played by Richard Bohringer, a successful entrepreneur in the Sentier District takes him under his wing when after a fight against two crooks of card games. Taking him for a Jewish, he decides to hire him as a warehouseman.

  1. Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra (2002)

French name: Astérix et Obélix : Mission Cléopâtre

France had produced many Astérix and Obélix movies. This one is the second one and probably the funniest! This good comedy movie is full of references to other movies like Star Wars, for example. There are many five star actors from the humorist Jamel Debbouze to the actors Christian Clavier and Gérard Depardieu.

The synopsis: Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt, decides, in order to defy the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar, to build a sumptuous palace in the desert in three months. If she succeeds, he must publicly concede that the Egyptian people are the greatest of all peoples. She will be helped by the two Gallic friends Astérix and Obélix in order to reach her goal.

  1. Those Happy Days (2006)

French name: Nos jours heureux

Probably one of my favorite French comedy movies! This French movie will be loved by people that have been to summer camp as a kid or as a camp counselor. I went to summer camp as a kid and work as a camp counselor and, from my point of view, this movie fits perfectly the reality of summer camp.

In France, summer camps are popular and kids go for a week or even a month there. The actor Omar Sy (and many other good actors) played in this movie and he was not the big star as today.

The synopsis: Vincent Rousseau (played by Jean-Paul Rouve) leads for the first time a summer camp and finds himself plunged for three weeks into the universe of the summer camp with little stories and big problems!

  1. I Do (2006)

French name: Prête-moi ta main

Excellent French comedy movie with Alain Chabat (he is also in Astérix and Obélix).

The synopsis: Life is beautiful for Luis, 43 years old, single happy, fulfilled in his job, loved, and pampered by his mother and five sisters. It could have lasted a lifetime but no. One day, tired of mothering, his family decided that it is time for him to get married as soon as possible! Surrounded by his family who only thinks about it, he develops a strategy: find the perfect woman who will pretend to be his fiancée and who will cowardly abandon her on the wedding day. After that, no one will dare to pronounce the word wedding in front of him.

  1. Welcome to the Sticks (2008)

French name: Bienvenu chez les Ch’tis

This French comedy movie movie written, produced, and played by Dany Boon belongs to the French culture. It is the second most-viewed movie in France, with around twenty million viewers. The movie is just after the American movie “Titanic” (21,7 million entrances). You will need, at least, basic French knowledge to understand the jokes in this French movie, it is all about mispronunciations.

The synopsis: Philippe Abrams is the director of the post office of Salon-de-Provence. He is married to Julie a depressive character that makes his life impossible. To make her happy, Philippe tries to fraud to obtain a transfer down south on the Côte d’Azur, but he is unmasked. Instead, he will be transferred to Bergues, a small town in the North. To understand why it is bad news for him to go to the north read the article: The Curse of Being Named Kevin in France.

  1. Heartbreaker (2010)

French name: Arnacoeur

French romantic comedy movie that will make you laugh and probably cry. The movie is composed of excellent actors such as Romain Duris, Vanessa Paradis, and François Damien.

Synopsis: Your daughter is dating a bad guy? Your best friend got stuck in a toxic relationship? Today, there is a radical solution and his name is Alex. His job: professional heartbreaker, he uses seduction to break couples.

  1. Babysitting (2014)

This French comedy movie will take you on a crazy adventure that might remind you of the American movie, Hangover. Do you want to be entertained and laugh? I recommend you watch this movie if you want to have a good time.

Synopsis: Marc Schaudel does not have a babysitter for the weekend. Frank, his employee will have the responsibility to take care of his son Rémy. Unfortunately, Franck is turning 30 years old this weekend. Also, Rémy is a capricious kid.

  1. Sink or Swim (2018)

French name: La Grand Bain

The movie director of this French comedy movie is the famous French actor Gilles Lellouche. He succeeds to reunite in his movie many prestigious actors such as Guillaume Canet, Benoît Poelvoorde, and Marina Fois.

Synopsis: In their municipal swimming pool that Bertrand, Marcus, Simon, Laurent, Thierry, and the others are trained under the strict Delphine. Together, they feel free and helpful. They will put all their energy into a discipline previously owned by women: synchronized swimming. It might be a weird idea, but this challenge will allow them to find meaning in their lives.

  1. I Feel Good (2018)

This is a French comedy movie with the international actor Jean Dujardin and Yolande Moreau.

Synopsis: Monique runs a charity community near the city of Pau, down South. After several years of absence, his brother, Jacques, come back. He has an obsession and finds the idea that will make him rich. More than a family reunion, two visions of the world are meeting.

  1. Our Happy Holiday (2019)

French name: Première vacances

Here is a French comedy movie that steps apart from the classic scenario of a romantic movie. You will enjoy watching Jonathan Cohen, the rising French actor of the moment, and Camille Chamoux.

Synopsis: Marion and Ben, are in their 30s, and met on Tinder. That’s about all they have in common. The fact that there are different, makes them feel closer. They decided after the first date to go together on vacation despite the opposite advice of their friends and family.

That’s it for this list of the best French comedies. I recommend you to read my article on French spy movies OSS 117: The Funniest French spy.

Did you know those French comedy movies? Did you enjoy watching them? Let me know in the comments section 🙂


Thursday 6th of July 2023

I’ve been trying to find this movie I once watched on a British Airways flight. I only managed to watch the first five minutes before having to switch off for landing. It is a comedy, the story is about an ordinary man (a farmer)?! Who somehow won an election to become President. He and his family somehow made it and began ruling the country (with no experience)! It was so funny and I regret not recalling the name of this film. The main character was a slim guy with lots of curly blonde hair. Does anyone know of this film?


Saturday 8th of July 2023

@Sacha, where can i watch the movie for free? The movies are nowhwre to be found very weird.


Friday 7th of July 2023

Hello Elizabeth, I think the movie that you watched was "Les Tuche 3" :)

Frank Cullen

Sunday 6th of November 2022

Thank you for preparing this list, and I appreciate your judgment. But as a curator of film series (from silent to the present) I am searching for a list of all-time great French comedy movies but do not find any Fernandel or Tati flicks on your list---nor the current team of Fiona Gordon & Dominique Abel whose Lost in Paris and Le Fee / The Fairy I have screened (and should be on your list). For some of us who run and curate film fests, the craft of movie-making and comedy did not begin in the year 2000.


Sunday 4th of August 2019

Je vous recommande de regarder ce film