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Techno Clubs in Lyon: Our Best Picks

Techno Clubs in Lyon: Our Best Picks

Are you coming to Lyon to visit the third-biggest French city? During the day you want to enjoy the city by discovering its food specialties, its restaurants, and its different districts and do some original activities in Lyon. But at night you want to see the other face of the French food capital. You are at the perfect place to learn about the best techno clubs in Lyon.

The city is one of the spots for techno music in France. Lyon is the birthplace of many French DJs such as Trym, LB aka LABAT, or even Gesaffelstein. 

At French Iceberg we love to go out and enjoy some good techno music in the best places of Lyon. We gathered a selection of the top places to listen to electro music in Lyon.  

Le Petit Salon

Instagram: @lepetitsalonlyon

Google Maps: Le Petit Salon

Le Petit Salon with Pawlowski
Le Petit Salon with Pawlowski @French Iceberg

Located in the 7th district of Lyon (quite central) and open since 2014, Le Petit Salon is not as you might think.. It is not a small club, it has a capacity of 1,500 people. This is a techno club in Lyon with one main room and a second smaller one. There are once in a while good venues with some prestigious French or international DJs during the weekend. Otherwise, you’ll be able to discover Lyon’s local scene.

Le Petit Salon entrance
Le Petit Salon entrance @French Iceberg

Regarding the public, people are mostly aged around 20/24 years old, pretty young. In terms of style, you can have acid, trance, house, or disco. The entrance is (most of the time) never above 14 euros and you can enter for cheaper, later at 3:30 AM with some special tickets. 

Le Sucre

Instagram: @Lesucrelyon

Google Maps: Le Sucre

Le Sucre with Camion Bazar
Le Sucre with Camion Bazar @French Iceberg

If you have to pick only one techno club in Lyon, we would recommend you go to Le Sucre. It was founded back in 2013. The club is located in the “design” district of Confluence (2nd district), an old industrial area. Le Sucre is at the top of an old Sugar factory (hence the name of the place) with one rooftop and a main room with a capacity of 780 people. So be ready to climb the stairs, there is an elevator midway. 

Regarding the public, people are mainly in their thirties but you will find people from 18 to 70 years old. The big plus of this club are the rooftop, the good sound system, and the diversity of techno played inside from local to international artists. You can trust the line-up almost every night without worrying about checking the artists beforehand. On the negative side, the prices of the drinks are expensive with a Ricard at 6 euros (it is supposed to be around 2-3 euros maximum).

Le Sucre entrance
Le Sucre entrance @French Iceberg

We recommend you to go every night of the weekend but probably the best nights are on Sunday (from 6:PM to midnight). If you are motivated enough you can go for an after party just in front, on the small boat, the Loupika. 

Péniche Loupika 

Instagram: @penicheloupika

Google Maps: Péniche Loupika

Péniche Loupika
Péniche Loupika @French Iceberg

The barge of the Loupika is also another cool spot we would recommend you to go to enjoy some techno in Lyon. It was created back in 2005 and it is located in the district of Confluence (2nd district) just in front of Le Sucre, on the banks of the Saone River. With a capacity of 200 people, it’s more intimate, with a terrace and dance floor below. It is managed by an association so it will be less commercial and a more authentic place. 

Ninkasi Kao

Instagram: @ninkasigerland

Google Maps: Ninkasi Gerland

An ultra-well-known franchise in Lyon, this Ninkasi restaurant is the franchise’s largest, with two concert rooms (le Kafé and le Kao). It is located in the district of Gerland (7th district) not too far away from Le Sucre. You can go there before to have some nice burgers and some tasty beers brewed by the food chain restaurant itself.

You can have some rock concerts but also some techno concerts, most of the time in the concert room of Ninkasi Kao with two floors and a capacity of 700 people. The style of techno can go from acid, psy trance, trance, and much more. Bad news, the building is getting destroyed in November 2023


Instagram: @super5.lyon

Google Maps: SUPER5

Super5 @French Iceberg

Our top pick for this category (and the only one) is the small bar Super5 located in the district of La Croix Rousse in the first district. This is a great place to discover some local DJs. 

Super5 entrance
Super5 entrance @French Iceberg

During the weekdays you will easily get inside but during weekends try to arrive earlier to have a better chance to enjoy the music. Another information, the place gets crowded around midnight during weekdays.


Instagram: @transbordeur

Google Maps: Transbordeur

The concert room is located in the city next to Lyon, Villeurbanne. It is still close by and easy to access. It has the best sound system in Lyon (from our experience). You can be in the back of the room or in front you won’t see the difference. The capacity is 1800 people and you can go there for many different types of music (not only techno). Once in a while, there are during weekends some big techno concerts and it is worth it to go there.

La Rayonne

Instagram: @larayonne69

Google Maps: La Rayonne

La Rayonne
La Rayonne @French Iceberg

Old building that was renovated recently, La Rayonne is the new concert room on the west of Lyon, in Villeurbanne. It has a capacity of 1000 people and has a good light show and sound system. Beware, the concert room becomes an oven at full capacity! The place is not dedicated only for techno, but to music and art in general with lots of projects. 

Tata Mona

Instagram: @tatamona_after_lyon

Google Maps: Disco pub Tata mona

Tiny after-party bar/club in Lyon. It is a gay-friendly spot and you will have to wall downstairs in a narrow stair to a small cave with some good vibes. It is located in the 5th district of Lyon (the old Lyon). Concerning opening hours, it is open from 5 AM to noon.


Instagram: @distrikt

Google Maps: Distrikt

A much bigger after-party club than Tata Mona, the Distrikt is located in the first district next the the bank of the Saone. Fun fact, you will have to wear some headphones while dancing. Concerning opening hours, it is open from 5 AM to noon.

There are many good options out there! We hope that you will have some fun in one of those techno spots in Lyon. If you have other recommendations about the best techno clubs in Lyon, feel free to share them with us in the comment section.