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Public Swimming Pools in Lyon: Our Best Picks

Public Swimming Pools in Lyon: Our Best Picks

Do you enjoy going swimming once in a while? Do you live or travel in Lyon now? You found the perfect blog post about the best public swimming pools in Lyon. Looking for a good swimming pool can be sometimes challenging. At French Iceberg we decided to come up with a top selection of public swimming pools in the third-biggest French city. 

You will be able to find (hopefully) your happiness in your weekly or daily swimming activity routine. Here is the best selection of public swimming pools in Lyon. One last information, those swimming pools are open all year long.

  1. Centre Nautique Tony Bertrand

Website: Centre Nautique Tony Bertrand

Google map: Piscine du Rhône

Centre Nautique Tony Bertrand (Piscine du Rhône)
Centre Nautique Tony Bertrand (Piscine du Rhône) @French Iceberg

If you meet some locals, they might call this swimming pool “la Piscine du Rhône”. is its former name that everybody keeps using even nowadays.

This is the most iconic outdoor swimming pool of Lyon along the river banks of the Rhône in the 7th district (central) with a fantastic view over the basilic of Fourvière. It was built in aluminum by the architect from Lyon Alexandre Audouze-Tabourin for Lyon’s bid to host the 1968 Summer Olympics. Between 2012 and 2015, major renovation work was carried out on the north and south pools.

You will have a blast swimming in this 50-meter-long Olympic swimming pool, especially during sunny days. Another good news, the pool is heated with a heat pump.

The prices are affordable with a 10 entrance card for only 25 euros (individual ticket is 3,40 euros). It is getting more expensive during the summer with special prices and you might need to book a spot online in advance. There will be a second “leisure pool” with water games, and slides, open in summer only.

The main con, the swimming pool is pretty crowded most of the time. I would recommend you go from Tuesday to Thursday in the middle of the afternoon.  

  1. Piscine de Vaise

Website: Piscine de Vaise 

Google map: Piscine de Vaise

Piscine de Vaise
Piscine de Vaise @French Iceberg

This indoor swimming pool is open all year long and is located in the 9th district of Vaise. You will find one swimming pool of 50 meters that can be cut by two to form two swimming pools of 25 meters depending on the time of the day or of the week.

There is also a swimming pool for the kids, a pool diving board, and some aqua gym classes. Good news, the prices are the same as the one from the Centre Nautique Tony Bertrand with an individual ticket at 3,40 euros and a 10 entrance card at 25 euros. 

  1. Centre Nautique André-Sousi

Website: Centre Nautique André-Sousi

Google map: Centre nautique André-Sousi

The Centre Nautique André-Sousi is located in the city le Bron next to Lyon. There are one Olympic swimming pool (50m / a constant depth of 1.80m) and a small pool (20m / progressively deeper from 0.70m to 1.20m) for educational and leisure activities and a paddling pool for toddlers located outdoors in green spaces.

Let’s start with the many pros, first, you will find peace at the swimming pool since it is not often full of swimmers. Another plus, the roof can open for sunny days, perfect for enjoying some natural light. The prices are okay, with a 10 entrance card at 29 euros but an individual entrance at 4 euros (for 2022/2023). 

The cons, it is located in the suburbs of Lyon in the city of Bron next to it. It is still possible to access the place from Lyon by public transport. 

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  1. Centre Aquatique Camille Muffat

Website: Centre Aquatique Camille Muffat

Google map: Centre Aquatique Camille Muffat

The swimming pool is located in the city of Décines in the western suburbs of Lyon. The infrastructures are numerous :

  • 25mx20m sports pool / 8 lanes, 1.80m to 2m deep
  • 20mx10m learning pool / 0.80m to 1.50m deep
  • 135 m2 leisure pool / 0.70m to 1.20m deep
  • paddling pool / average depth 0.20m
  • A 50-m-long slide / accessible from 1.15m height
  • A sunroof to let you explore the pools as soon as the weather warms up

It is a great swimming pool but it is farther away than the previous one, Centre Nautique André-Sousi. Another con, there is no Olympic swimming pool (50 meters). Plus the prices are expensive with an individual entrance at 5,80 euros and a 10 entrance card at 44,50 euros.

  1. Piscine de Gerland

Website: Piscine de Gerland

Google map: Piscine de Gerland

This outdoor swimming pool is located in the 7th district. It is at the moment under renovation and not accessible to the public. It is old infrastructure and some renovations were needed. 

There are a main swimming pool, a wading pool, and diving boards. The prices are affordable with a 10 entrance card for only 25 euros. (individual ticket is 3,40 euros).

We hope that we helped you in your quest to find the perfect swimming pool in Lyon for your daily sport. Do not hesitate to share important information in the comments section if we forget to mention important information in the blog post.