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Relance: The Running Shoes Made in France (+TEST) 

Relance: The Running Shoes Made in France (+TEST) 

Disclaimer: I received a free pair of shoes from Relance and decided to write about a company that produces Made in France shoes. I’ll be as objective as possible about the brand.

France is known for its many textiles and clothing companies. After seeing its industry relocate heavily to Asia, numerous projects have emerged in the country in recent decades.

The goal? Not to lose all the French know-how acquired over the last few centuries, to revitalize the economy, and to produce quality products that last over time, using short distribution channels.

Such is the case with the new Relance running shoe brand, which aims to sell a quality product made in France for running enthusiasts!

Introducing the Relance Shoe Brand

Relance shoes (The RL-01 Model) from the side
Relance shoes (The RL-01 Model) from the side @French Iceberg

Relance was born in 2021 from a group of sports enthusiasts who wanted to create a footwear brand combining style and performance.

Violaine, the brand’s founder, is obviously passionate about sports, running, and basketball. Her vision was to create a minimalist model with a vintage look…and the bet paid off.

In addition to a “Made in France” production, the company uses the industrial knitting technique (KNIT). This technique is intended to be more ecological in terms of production.

Relance is located throughout France with :

  • Headquarters in Brest (Brittany)
  • Design in Paris
  • La Manufacture (factory name) in Cholet (Maine-et-Loire)
  • Cartonnages du Dauphiné (name of the cardboard plant) in Grenoble (Isère)

The company launched the project via a crowdfunding campaign. This campaign enabled Relance to produce its first model: RL-01!

The RL-01 Model

Relance shoes from the front
Relance shoes from the front @French Iceberg

The very first model from the French brand comes in four colors (black, white, red, and blue). The model claims an innovative mesh upper for greater resistance to wear and tear. Particular attention has been paid to comfort, with a silicone sole and a polyurethane insole for good cushioning and lightness.

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Relance Running Shoes Test

Test of the Relance shoes
Test of the Relance shoes @French Iceberg

The shoes arrived in a box marked “Fièrement Made in France” (Proudly Made in France). After unpacking the shoes and trying them on, my first impression was of their comfort. The shoes are very comfortable and very light on the feet.

On the visual side, the design is very clean with a reminder of the tricolor flag with the five side stripes in blue, white, and red.

I set off for a 30-minute run (I’m an occasional runner) in hilly terrain on the road. My first impressions were confirmed with very pleasant shoes with good foot support throughout the run.

Relance shoes from the back
Relance shoes from the back @French Iceberg

On the other hand, the cushioning is good but could probably be improved. I felt the impact of the asphalt slightly on one of my knees. To be objective, I had knee surgery less than a year ago and the cushioning sensation is related to that event. Apart from this detail, the running experience was a real pleasure.

Although Relance shoes are primarily designed for running, I find them versatile. In my opinion, they can be used for other sporting activities without any problem.


Relance is a great French project in footwear and sports that deserves to be mentioned. The French brand represents the values of Made in France very well. If you’re passionate about running, don’t hesitate to take a look at their Relance website.