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How to Count French Numbers 0-10? (Audio + Quiz + Examples)

How to Count French Numbers 0-10? (Audio + Quiz + Examples)

As with any long word, it’s a matter of pronunciation. As soon as you know how to pronounce a word, French numbers 0-10, it is that you begin to master it.

Reminder: The Arabic numerals (Chiffres in French) go from 0 to 9 in French. A number (Nombre in French) is composed of several digits (Chiffres). In this case, 10 is a “Nombre” and not a “Chiffre”. In English, 5 or 15 are a number there is no word to differentiate the two. 

0 to 10 in French
0 to 10 in French

French Numbers 0-10 with Audio and Examples

Audio of French Numbers 0-10

0-10 in French

Examples of French Numbers 0-10

0 – For the number zéro or “zero” in English the pronunciation is very similar. The difference is for the letter “e”. In French, the “e” has an acute accent.

Example: Zéro as in « Il a zéro chance d’arriver à l’heure» (It has zero chance of making it on time).

1 – For the French number un or “one” in English, you must avoid pronouncing the letter “n”. To do this, you must make sure that your tongue does not touch your palate when you say the number “un”.

Example: Un as in « Il a perdu une paire de chaussures » (He lost One pair of shoes).

2 – Then we have the number deux or “two”. The “x” is not pronounced.

Example: Deux as in « J’ai acheté deux paires de chaussures » (I bought two pairs of shoes ».

3 – Next comes the number trois or “three” in English. The number trois is pronounced like the word “moi”, except that you should not pronounce the letter “s” at the end of the word “trois”. Indeed, this one is silent even if it is present, that shows all the beauty of the French language!

Example: Trois as in « Je voudrais trois pommes » (I want three apples). 

4 – Then comes the number quatre or “four” in English. Again the pronunciation can be a lot of work! To say it correctly, just start with the letter “k” and follow with “a” and “tr”. It is important to put stress on the “quatre” when you say this number.

Example: Quatre as in « Il a quatre maisons » (He has four houses).

5 – There is the French number cinq or “five” in English. It’s kind of like saying “thank” except that the “th” is replaced by an “s” in pronunciation.

Example: Cinq as in « Ils ont cinq enfants » (They have five children). 

6 – One has then six or also “six” in English. You will have understood that the French language is full of nuance and surprise! In English, if one pronounces the “x”, here, one will finish with an “s” although the word also finishes with an “x”.

Example: Six as in « Rendez-vous dans six jours » (See you in six days).

7 – There is of course the number sept or “seven” in English. It must be pronounced “set” to be correctly said.

Example: Sept as in « Ils ont payé sept euros le billet » (They paid seven euros for the ticket).

8 – Now comes the French number huit or “eight” in English. To say it successfully, think of the word “oui” to which you will add a “t” at the end, and this one will of course be pronounced.

Example: Huit as in « Nous partons à huit heures » (We live at eight ).

9 – There is the number neuf or “nine” in English, the “eu” is pronounced like “je”.

Example: Neuf as in « Il lui faut neuf livres » (He needs nine books).

10 – The last one is a “nombre”, it’s the ten or “ten” in English. To say it, the “x” must be pronounced as an “s”.

Example: Dix as in « Il est parti pour dix jours en lune de miel » (He left for ten days on honeymoon). 

As you can see, counting from 0 to 10 may seem complicated at first. As you practice repeating the numbers from 0 to 10 in French, you will see that it will become easier for you.

In short, the French numbers from 0 to 10 are the following:

Summary Table of French Numbers from 0 to 10

French NumbersSounds LikePhonetic Pronunciation
Zéro (0)Zeh-ro[zeʁo]
Un (1)Unh[œ̃]
Deux (2)Duh[dø]
Trois (3)Trwah[tʀwɑ]
Quatre (4)Katruh[katʀ]
Cinq (5)Sank[sɛ̃k]
Six (6)Sees[sis]
Sept (7)Set[sɛt]
Huit (8)Weet[ˈɥi(t)]
Neuf (9)Nuf[nœf]
Dix (10)Dees[dis]

Quiz about French numbers from 1-10

Apply what you’ve learned about French numbers from 1 to 10 and try to get most of the right answers for the next 5 questions.

How to count to 10 in French ?

Apply what you've learned about French numbers from 0 to 10 and try to get most of the right answers for the next 5 questions.

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