Rémi Gaillard, Greg Guillotin or François l’embrouille, you might know the first one with his famous pranks on the internet. I made a selection of three French actors / French youtubers that have done hidden cameras and that almost every French person would know. I try to choose different styles of hidden cameras in this article.

1 – Greg Guillotin

He started his career has a YouTuber and started to become famous in 2011 with his character: Bengui. A character completely disconnected from the real world that sounds crazy. The date with the dolphin plush is probably one of his most famous hidden camera at that time.

A year later, he joined the Studio Bagel that reunited some French humoristic youtubers, where he participated in many videos. In 2018, while he was working for the TV show “Touche pas à mon poste” host by Cyril Hanouna, some of his viewers noticed that he took some actors in his hidden cameras for his YouTube channel “Nou” (created in 2016). He admitted it, but he said that it was just for few shoots. After that, people realized that he used much more actors for many other hidden cameras. Then, he published many videos to ask for forgiveness after few months of break.

Now, he explains a lot how are produced each of his pranks. My two favorite hidden cameras from him was “The worst intern” produce with the company Orange and the carpool (English subtitles): 

2 – François l’embrouille

François Damien known as François l’embrouille is unfortunately not French. He is from the lovely and flat country of Belgium, but still he is a French speaker since he is from the Wallonia, the French-speaking part of Belgium.

You can see him now in many Belgium and French movies as Dikkenek, L’Arnacoeur or in excellent French comedy movie OSS 117: The funniest French spy. He started his career by doing excellent hidden cameras prank, where he is always acting really silly and goofy. He talked in his videos with his Belgian accent, it sounds funnier for the French people. Here is a hidden camera about a wine contest (Low quality): 

3 – Rémi Gaillard

Rémi Gaillard is probably from the three, the most famous abroad, the best publicity for the French culture. The French YouTuber also, started his YouTube career by doing hidden cameras by messing with people in the street and loved to piss off the police. For example, he drove a kart to do a race as the video game Mario Kart in his city from the south, Montpellier, he juggled with the ball and shoot to police car, he smoked in an elevator and so on.

Now he reduced his production of hidden cameras and use his celebrity in France to denounce about animal life condition in water park or the dogs and cats that people abandon in the street. His famous slogan that you can see at the end of his videos “C’est en faisant n’importe quoi que l’on devient n’importe qui” means “By doing whatsoever you become anybody”. Best of 2017-2018: 

Did you know those men? Do you want me to write about other YouTube celebrities? I invite you to read this article about some French youtubers 31 French youtubers for your listening comprehension. Let me know in the comments section! 🙂


Cover picture: Instagram gaillardremi