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  • The 100 Most Popular French Last Names (Audio + Meanings)
    History of French Last Names  Until the 12th century in France, individuals were only called by their first name. But because of the increase in population and the many homonyms …
  • How to Count French Numbers to 100? (Audio + Rules)
    Mastering numbers in French is quite an art. To achieve this, you must be methodical in your learning. Successful learning requires systematic repetition of words and numbers. Are you afraid …
  • How to Count French Numbers 0-10? (Audio + Examples)
    As with any long word, it’s a matter of pronunciation. As soon as you know how to pronounce a word, French numbers 0-10, it is that you begin to master …
  • 10 French Street Artists Historically Important
    As for French music and French animated films, France has always been one of the forerunners in the artistic field. Street art is no exception since France is the land …
  • The 15 Best French Romantic Movies of All Time
    From abroad, France is often seen as a standard of passion with Paris, the city of love, as well as the many romantic terms that are attributed to the French …
  • 53 Popular French Cheeses to Try
    The most consumed dairy product ahead of yogurt and butter, cheese is by far one of the favorite products of the French. It’s quite simple: 96% of French people eat …
  • 20 Famous French Chefs to Know
    World-renowned for its gastronomy and art of the table, France has produced its share of starred French chefs over the generations. These men and women have greatly contributed to making …
  • Mayday: Meaning, Origin, and Use
    For nearly a century, Mayday has been the universal distress signal for the world’s air force, navy, army, and law enforcement. But few people know that the term actually originated …

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